Grammar Practice - Sample


The following is a sample of the Grammar Practice book.

There are a very large number of gap-fill exercises throughout this book, keying in on every kind of grammatical point students everywhere need practice on.

In additon, there are a number of printable pages for extended practice, as well as writing practice focused on open-ended exercises.

In the full version, all of the exercises are scorable by the learner, with scores being tracked back to instructors, with or without our LMS, the institution's LMS, or no LMS at all!

Although the book is 260 pages long, we have limited this sample to 20 pages, for you to get a feel of the features. Please also note that though this is a web-based version, this is not the extend of the book. This delivery method is being used simply for convenience.

This book may be purchased as an individual title, which is available locally on a PC (Win/Mac), Android tablet or phone, Windows tablet or phone. We do not offer this locally on an iPad or iPhone, or iPod Touch.  However, these devices, and all other devices, are capable of viewing the webapp version (online).