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You can access the book with any device, at any time, using the WebApp version above.  However, you must have an internet connection.  

You may also download to your device, such as a PC, phone or tablet.  You will need to activate the version you choose, using the keycode and the same information used when activating the WebApp.

Please note that if you should get an error message when downloading and opening the book, this will be a result of your anitvirus software.  We cannot predict the sensitivity of your settings (most people don't get this message), but rest assured that all books have been tested, on a variety of computers worldwide, and we guarantee that this is free of malware, viruses, or any such thing. You will have an option to "get more info" or "continue", which you can safely do.  Check the Help/Tutorials page for more information.
For your PC, with an installation routine (EXE).  The easiest one!
For Windows or Mac (ZIP). Use with a Mac, or Windows, if you don't want an EXE.
Note    MUST extract the files from the ZIP to run the book.  Double click FlexiReader.exe
Download and install on your Android device (APK).
No download version for iPhone or iPad at this time.  Use the WebApp above.

About this Digital Book

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Note on iOS  Because of the restrictive nature and costs of the App Store, only some of our books have an iOS version for sale.  An iOS version has been prepared for each title, but Apple restricts sales to the App Store only, takes 30% from the purchase, requires such things as a Developer Account (at a cost), the latest version of Mac to prepare files, and so on. Plus, final approval on what becomes available for sale on the App Store is granted, or rejected, by Apple, with no explanation.  There are no such restrictions placed by Windows or Android.